Management Team

Michaela Zanello Sturdza

Non-Executive Director


Michaela joined the Eric Sturdza Group in 2011, in the audit team for the Private Bank working among other things on the acquisition of Coges Corraterie Gestion, following several years’ experience in hotel management.

As a result of the acquisition in 2013, she joined Coges Corraterie Gestion, as a third party manager within the Group. To expand her operational knowledge she held several positions related to this business.

In mid-2017, at the request of the Board of Directors, she returned to the Bank as part of the transfer to the next generation to assist her father, Eric Sturdza, as strategy and human resources manager. She joined general management in 2018 and has been responsible for the management of the Bank since 2021.

In addition to her role within the Bank, she led the negotiations with regards to the acquisition of Lagane Family Office SA which was merged with Coges Corraterie Gestion. She was appointed Managing Director of the company in 2018, before becoming the Chairman in 2019.

Michaela has significant involvement in the Asset Management side of the Group, becoming a Non-Executive Director of E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Limited in 2019.

Through her various responsibilities and cross-functional activities, Michaela is in charge of the development of the Eric Sturdza Group with Eric Sturdza, who represents the Group as its ambassador.

Michaela has an MBA, specialising in strategic consulting, which she achieved with a special mention “highly commended with the congratulations of the jury”.

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