A solution tailored for long-term investors via a robust and diversified portfolio. The Sturdza Family Fund

The Sturdza Family Fund – a global long-only Multi-Asset Fund which invests primarily in equities, complemented by de-correlated Fixed Income assets – was launched in December 2018. It’s goal? To reflect the group’s family values by delivering long-term capital growth through active investments in global markets, with an equity bias.

The video interview below provides an introduction to the Sturdza Family Fund by the Portfolio Managers, Eric and Constantin Sturdza. A transcript of the interview is also available for download here.

Eric and Constantin Sturdza, portfolio managers of the Sturdza Family Fund discuss the following topics in this interview:

  • Sturdza Family Fund: An introduction.
  • Historical observations about investing.
  • Three challenges of investing over the long-term.
  • Best attempt to solve the challenges.
  • For who and why was the Sturdza Family Fund created?
  • How do you preserve your investment over long-term.
  • Why does the Fund offer investors peace of mind?
  • What type of investor is the Fund suitable for?

Require further information about the Sturdza Family Fund? Please contact:

Adam TurbervilleAdam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
+44 1481 742380

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Dummy text. The year 2020 will be a year to be remembered. We are in the midst of a great upheaval that affects us all, with the economy and financial markets remaining volatile and unpredictable.

The crisis has underlined the concerns we [Eric and Constantin Sturdza] have had as a family for years: “How to preserve a family legacy and make it bear fruit for future generations?”

To meet this ambition, Eric Sturdza Investments launched the Sturdza Family Fundin December 2018. The objective of our Fund is to offer stability and long-term performance while offering downside protection.

The Fund is a multi-asset product that invests in high-quality global equities with good visibility of future profits, blending this with fixed-income investments that help to preserve capital and deliver performance.

Our team of exceptional managers aim to give clients access to the best investment ideas, and despite 2020 being a challenging year, we have looked to capture the opportunities through our investment process.

The Fund has delivered 8.16% YTD (through to the end of August), following a return of 18.02% in 2019, an indication of the quality of our investment philosophy and approach.