An optimism and corrections rally?

Willem Vinke and Louis Rieu analyse the January rally and present their expectations for 2023.

How will 2022 be remembered?

Willem Vinke discusses the events of 2022: a year that will doubtfully be remembered favourably in the history books.

Sources of alpha

Willem Vinke reflects on the top performers for the Fund in December.

Market recovery dependant on central banks

Willem Vinke discusses the recovery of the market in relation to the actions of central banks.

Environment continues to evolve rapidly

Willem Vinke discusses the reasons behind the market bounce and the life of the interest rate cycle.

Valuations are becoming attractive

Willem Vinke reflects on the strategies of central banks and ensuing prospects.

Defence is the best offence

Willem Vinke discusses the macro environment and the stocks positioned to generate positive returns.

Maintaining caution amidst rally

Willem Vinke explores the macroeconomic conditions that will shape the remaining months to come.

Varying focus of concern

Willem Vinke discusses the macro conditions that continue to influence global markets.

Sense and sensitivity

Willem Vinke explores the macro environment and lessons learnt from history.

Making defensive preparations

Willem Vinke discusses the shifts in markets in light of the continued invasion of Ukraine, FED actions and changing consumer habits.

Ebbs and flows

Willem Vinke reflects on the global markets and how in the midst of volatility, some areas continue as normal.