Continued equity upside

Eric Sturdza looks into the impact stabilisation of geopolitical and macroeconomic activity will have on 2020.

Continued Equity Upside

Eric Sturdza explore the virtues of a positive outlook and it's impact on the fund's index.

2019 Review and 2020 Outlook

All plc funds deliver positive absolute returns in 2019; Best Fund Group nomination; ESG committee & Charitable Giving. Marc Craquelin provides 2020 outlook.

Earnings and New Highs

Eric Sturdza discusses the contributions and future challenges of the Healthcare sector.

The Federal Reserve yields

Eric Sturdza discusses the low volatility as investors adopt a 'wait and see' approach.

Cautiously optimistic

Against the current economic backdrop, Eric Sturdza discusses the monetary policy path the US Fed may take.

Overall sentiment should improve, despite short term uncertainties

Eric Sturdza comments on the Central banks turning Dovish.

January Rebound

Eric Sturdza discusses future rate hikes.

The closing of the Strategic US Momentum & Value Fund

Eric Sturdza comments on the Fund closing its doors and looks back on its performance during the turbulent year of 2018.

New Family Fund launches – Offering dynamic exposure to global markets

Eric Sturdza introduces the Sturdza Family Fund, which launched in December, providing investors with the dynamic management of a global multi-asset investment portfolio.

Leveraging on the opportunities presented – the launch of the New Sturdza Family Fund

In November the Fund posted a total return of +2.51%, outperforming its benchmark by 0.63 percentage points.

Evolution in EI Sturdza’s Product Offering

EI Sturdza is pleased to advise that two new sub-funds of the EI Sturdza Funds plc are to be launched in December 2018, the Sturdza Family Fund, a multi asset vehicle and the Strategic Bond Opportunities Fund, offering a core exposure to fixed income markets.