Global growth outlook biased towards defensive stocks

Willem Vinke looks at the upcoming macro events and how they are likely to direct investors.

Defensives outperform cyclicals

Willem Vinke expands on the sectors that are generating a positive performance for the Funds.

Growth optimism

Willem Vinke discusses global growth expectations as more economies reopen.

Quality returns alpha

Willem Vinke draws comparisons between the European and Global strategies and their respective benchmarks, identifying sources of alpha.

Generating alpha through the recovery

Willem Vinke describes expectations of an imminent and strong economic recovery.

Strong recovery on the horizon

Willem Vinke discusses economic recovery, inflation risks and overpriced stocks.

Value rotation continues

Willem Vinke discusses how the Funds are prepared for when economies reopen.

Encouraging global outlook

Willem Vinke reflects on the short and long-term global outlook and the potential impact on the Funds.

Vaccines and political stability

Willem Vinke discusses the political stability following the roll out of vaccines.

Maintaining a defensive strategy

Willem Vinke tilts the European portfolio towards more cyclical and value names given political developments, vaccines and further stimulus.

A tilt to cyclical and value stocks

Willem Vinke discusses the adjustments made to portfolio allocation in light of recent political developments and the news of a vaccine.

Picking quality investments during volatility

Willem Vinke continues to hold a defensive position with a preference to companies that should endure market volatility.