Property resurgence in China

Lilian Co discusses the Chinese market recovery and the new policies that should positively impact the Property sector.

Aggressive rebound for China

Lilian Co discusses policy changes that have the potential to have a strong and positive impact in the Chinese stock markets.

Will the government’s aggressive response be the turning point?

Lilian Co discusses the results of the Party Congress re-election and the effects of a COVID resurgence.

Internal controls – external sanctions

Lilian Co describes the latest changes to Chinese markets and provides her expectations for the 20th Communist Party Congress.

Stability following turmoil

Lilian Co identifies the sources of stability following a turbulent July.

Lockdown gains

Lilian Co describes the sentiment surrounding the Chinese markets ahead of results season.

Positive shocks

Lilian Co describes the steady stream of events that have received encouraging market reactions.

Stimulus plans for China

Lilian Co considers the Chinese economy in H2 and how stimulus measures will support the market.

Aggressive supporting measures in China

Lilian Co discusses the policy changes made in China to support the economy while Omicron comes under control.

Pause and recover

Lilian Co reflects on China’s economic recovery and global and local actions that will influence the timeline.

Policy stimulus

Lilian Co reflects on the global markets and the sanctions imposed on Chinese companies.

China’s rising GDP

Lilian Co explores the Chinese markets through January, focusing on the sectors that delivered the Fund a positive performance during a turbulent month.