Inflation, inversion, recession

Eric Vanraes expands on the strategies being implemented to improve the Fund’s position during the current inflation situation.

Fed: the first rate hike

Eric Vanraes reflects on the start of the rate hikes by the Fed and what is expected down the line.

A hawkish ECB and then… the war

Eric Vanraes reflects on the evolution of key market drivers throughout February.

USA-China: the hawks and the doves

Eric Vanraes reviews the current market through the lens of the strategy’s four pillars.

Omicron and the hawks

Eric Vanraes discusses the outlook and strategy for Q1 2022.

Formula 1 and bond management

Eric Vanraes explores the analogy between Formula 1 and credit bond management in relation to risk management.

Inflation above 6% and long bonds below 2%

Eric Vanraes reflects on the tapering and inflation control plans being implemented by the central banks.

COVID, inflation and central banks behaviour

Eric Vanraes summarises the Fixed Income activities over the last few months and shares his outlook for 2022.

Waiting for a dovish tapering

Eric Vanraes discusses the macro events of October and outlines his strategy to reduce risks they may bring.

Only transitory? Look at real yields!

Eric Vanraes explores the latest shakeups in the US, Europe and China, focusing on their influence over fixed income markets.

A reverse taper tantrum?

Eric Vanraes describes the current fixed income environment and the continuing wait for the Fed to make a decision on tapering.

Long bonds send a message

Eric Vanraes explores the changes in the economic environment and how these could impact the future of inflation and growth.