Japanese business adapts to new consumer behaviour

Discover how Mitsuhiro Yuasa is picking stocks that are well positioned to maximise on the shift in consumer habits.

Mixed month ends with Golden Week

Mitsuhiro Yuasa describes the coming opportunities for Japan as they look to open borders.

Will consumers pay more?

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the increasing input costs for Japanese industry and the reluctance to raise prices.

Rise in EV and BEV demand

Mitsuhiro Yuasa reflects on the shocks in Europe and how the impacts are being felt across the world.

Rediscovering Japanese stalwarts

Mitsuhiro Yuasa explores the successful growth of Japanese businesses in industries previously shocked by the pandemic.

Japan bolstered by tech demand

Mitsuhiro Yuasa expands on the opportunities in Digital Transformation and New Energy Vehicles.

Semiconductor drought will drive the market

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the reliance on semiconductors to fuel growth in the Japanese automotive industry.

A new dawn in Japan

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the general election in Japan and the strong recovery plans for the car manufacturing industry.

Supporting the local economy is key for the next government

Mitsuhiro Yuasa explores the options available to the next government to support the local economy.

Opportunities emerging from dispute

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the wake of the Chinese regulations and the quest for a new Prime Minister.

Japan feels the wave from China

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the ripples felt in Japan following the shock decisions made in China in July.

Japanese semiconductors draw investor focus

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the events that shaped the market in June and outlines the upcoming opportunities for Japanese electronics and semiconductors.