Europe in 2023: Resilience pays off in stock picking

Bertrand Faure discusses the fundamental aspects of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that he believes can lead to another year of outperformance in 2023.

Strong resilience in a challenging environment

Bertrand Faure reflects on the characteristics of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that have led to a 13% outperformance of the benchmark in 2022.

Growing positive trend

Bertrand Faure discusses the continuance of a bull market in which European equities can excel.

Another month, another ambience…

Bertrand Faure examines the October rebound and surmises what this may mean for European equities.

Fundamental matters

Bertrand Faure demonstrates the need to return to fundamental selections, ahead of macro concerns.

Will Q3 be so rosy?

Bertrand Faure describes his outlook for the rest of the year and why H1 results may be tough to repeat.

Sentiment swing… or seesaw?

Bertrand Faure shares his insights into investor sentiment through the July rally.

Rich pickings

Bertrand Faure discusses his strategy and the prosperous opportunities that lay ahead.

Avoiding the European equities whirlpool

Discover the theory behind Bertrand Faure's stock picks that may thrive in the cyclical and ever tightening macro environment.

Takeover Potential

Bertrand Faure discusses takeover interest in companies held in the Fund and compares European and US equities.

Resilience through preparation

Bertrand Faure discusses the positioning of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund in preparation for whichever scenario unfolds.

The two sides of the coin

Bertrand Faure reflects on a turbulent January and reaffirms the Fund’s stock-picking fundamentals.