The Sturdza Family Fund: Objective, Philosophy & Risk Management

The team provide insight on the Fund's primary objective and philosophy, market timing, equity & fixed income selection process, volatility and how risk is managed.

The Sturdza Family Fund: Overview of the Team

Eric Sturdza discusses the qualities that the team of the Sturdza Family Fund possess and each member provides an introduction explaining their role within the Fund.

The Sturdza Family Fund: An Introduction

Eric and Constantin Sturdza provide an introduction to the Sturdza Family Fund in this video interview.

‘Active and wealth management’ article by allnews

Marc Craquelin & Constantin Sturdza discuss the potential long-term ‘protective’ nature of the Sturdza Family Fund strategy during extreme scenarios.

2019 Review and 2020 Outlook

All plc funds deliver positive absolute returns in 2019; Best Fund Group nomination; ESG committee & Charitable Giving. Marc Craquelin provides 2020 outlook.

Rebound or a real rotation?

Marc Craquelin comments on the market rebound, economic slowdown, the manufacturing sector's road to recovery and how economic activity might translate into significant upside potential.

Market Polarisation – A H1 Review

Marc Craquelin comments on the interest rate environment in H1 and the resulting market polarisation.

Leveraging on the opportunities presented – the launch of the New Sturdza Family Fund

In November the Fund posted a total return of +2.51%, outperforming its benchmark by 0.63 percentage points.

Never so good?

Marc Craquelin comments "It is too early to make an assessment regarding 2018; however, there is very little chance for the year to leave a good memory for European investors."

President Trump’s “Uncooperative Games”

Marc Craquelin comments on how the trade war between the United States and most of its trading partners, China in particular, is reminiscent of John Forbes Nash's "uncooperative games".

EI Sturdza Funds PLC appoints Marc Craquelin to the board

We are delighted to announce that Marc Craquelin, L’Agefi’s 2016 CIO of the year and former CIO and Member of...