Recession or not?

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza discuss the Federal Reserve rate hike, the fight against inflation and the shift of P/E ratios.

Japanese business adapts to new consumer behaviour

Discover how Mitsuhiro Yuasa is picking stocks that are well positioned to maximise on the shift in consumer habits.

Avoiding the European equities whirlpool

Discover the theory behind Bertrand Faure's stock picks that may thrive in the cyclical and ever tightening macro environment.

The (hard) return to reality

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza reflect on the tough choices that lay ahead for central banks and what they could mean for investors.

Mixed month ends with Golden Week

Mitsuhiro Yuasa describes the coming opportunities for Japan as they look to open borders.

Will consumers pay more?

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the increasing input costs for Japanese industry and the reluctance to raise prices.

During War Time

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza explore the reverberations of the developments in Europe through the lenses of the major global economies.

Takeover Potential

Bertrand Faure discusses takeover interest in companies held in the Fund and compares European and US equities.

Rise in EV and BEV demand

Mitsuhiro Yuasa reflects on the shocks in Europe and how the impacts are being felt across the world.

Resilience through preparation

Bertrand Faure discusses the positioning of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund in preparation for whichever scenario unfolds.

Heading towards a new Cold War?

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza review historic events that have shaken the world and polarised the stock markets - comparing them to the market activity today.

Rediscovering Japanese stalwarts

Mitsuhiro Yuasa explores the successful growth of Japanese businesses in industries previously shocked by the pandemic.