Property resurgence in China

Lilian Co discusses the Chinese market recovery and the new policies that should positively impact the Property sector.

Aggressive rebound for China

Lilian Co discusses policy changes that have the potential to have a strong and positive impact in the Chinese stock markets.

Internal controls – external sanctions

Lilian Co describes the latest changes to Chinese markets and provides her expectations for the 20th Communist Party Congress.

Lockdown gains

Lilian Co describes the sentiment surrounding the Chinese markets ahead of results season.

China Investment Focus: Evergrande and its implications

Edouard Bouhyer of the Banque Eric Sturdza Investment Committee examines the recent events affecting Evergrande and the implications of the restructuring.

The “common prosperity” plan

Lilian Co explores the recent “common prosperity” changes to regulations and the fitness programme, which is benefiting the Sports industry.

China’s regulatory crackdown: cultural revolution or state-engineered rebalancing?

Edouard Bouhyer of the Banque Eric Sturdza Investment Committee explores the recent regulatory changes in China and considers the possible reasons for the crackdown.

China market performance slows in September

Lilian Co reflects on the Chinese stock market performance in September after three months of impressive gains with the economy largely recovering to pre Covid-19 levels.

China showing first signs of recovery

Lilian Co examines the past month’s activity in the Chinese equity markets against a backdrop of improving economic sentiment.