Ebbs and flows

Willem Vinke reflects on the global markets and how in the midst of volatility, some areas continue as normal.

TINA, inflation and Ukraine

The Sturdza Family Fund team explore the volatility of markets in light of the actions of Central Banks and the conflict in Europe.

Fed: the first rate hike

Eric Vanraes reflects on the start of the rate hikes by the Fed and what is expected down the line.

Will consumers pay more?

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the increasing input costs for Japanese industry and the reluctance to raise prices.

Interpreting the cycle

Ludovic Labal and Cyril Bertrand review the European market rebounds and growth opportunities.

During War Time

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza explore the reverberations of the developments in Europe through the lenses of the major global economies.

Takeover Potential

Bertrand Faure discusses takeover interest in companies held in the Fund and compares European and US equities.

Eric Sturdza Investments wins ‘Top Performer’ Awards at the 2022 Investors Choice Awards

Several of our UCITS funds have won the EMEA 'Top Performer' Award in the 2022 Investors Choice Awards.

Japan: Positioning in a resilient manner in turbulent times

Yutaka and Maiko Uda discuss the actions of Central Banks and how they will influence the Japanese market.

Policy stimulus

Lilian Co reflects on the global markets and the sanctions imposed on Chinese companies.

US interest rate hikes have a long way to go

Yutaka Uda explores the reactions to the Russian invasion and how they will impact economies.

Markets and the peace dividend

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on the developments in Europe and the wider implications for central banks.