Japanese Equities: Long-term investing in the Reiwa era

How will the new era of “beautiful harmony” affect Japanese equities? Mitsuhiro Yuasa, portfolio manager of the E.I. Sturdza Strategic Japan Opportunities Fund provides his latest insights on the Reiwa era.

7 Jun 2019

How will the new era of “beautiful harmony” affect Japanese equities? Mitsuhiro Yuasa, portfolio manager of the E.I. Sturdza Strategic Japan Opportunities Fund provides his latest insights on the Reiwa era.

Recorded: Friday 17th May 2019.

The transcript of the interview is available below:

How large is the Company in terms of assets and team?

Rheos Capital Works Inc. has more than 8 billion dollars of total AUM and we have 75 employees as a company. We have ten professional investment analysts plus one strategist.

What is your competitive edge compared to other Japanese equity managers?

Our investment team’s competitive edge is that we don’t take any sector approach or size approach or country approach to look at companies. Each analyst can go anywhere in the world and find out the facts and the information and then bring back to our team. As the portfolio manager, I reflect this information in to the portfolio.

Why take a Growth approach when investing in Japanese equities?

When we are investing in Japanese equities we very much like growth companies. We are investing, not in the companies, but the people in the companies. We expect those individuals to grow. Then such a growth drives the profits to the company and those profits drive your investment share price. So we blend this variation with different types of the characters of the companies in the portfolio to protect your money.

How does investing in small- and mid-cap stocks impact the Fund’s return profile over the long term?

We are looking for growth companies regardless of the size of the company. A $10 million bottom line company can be make $20 million the next year. However, a $100 billion bottom line company may not necessarily make $200 billion next year. Therefore, we tend to look at small companies. Share price movements of such companies means volatility is a little bit high.
Therefore, we have different kinds of variation combination companies in the portfolio to drive returns with low volatilities.

Within which sectors are you finding the most compelling investments?

In today’s environment we should think more about technologies which make your life better. In that sense we like telecommunication areas where we need more high speed communication tools like 5G. We need more 5G technologies, antennas, receivers and gadgets. We are looking at many semiconductor manufacturing companies, software companies and hardware companies related to 5G.

What themes are creating investment opportunities?

In Japan, we have been struggling with labour shortages for many years time. However, the government has decided to open the market to foreigners so we will have more foreign workers in the future. We are investing in Outsourcing. The company is providing services to foreigners who will be working in Japan.

The government is planning to increase foreign visitors in Japan. We now have 30 million every year but the government is planning to increase to 40 million in a few years’ time. Therefore, we are investing in Kyoritsu Maintenance. Kyoritsu Maintenance is building lots of hotels in good locations at reasonable prices.

Do you consider ESG when forming your investment portfolio?

ESG or SDGs are important theme for Japanese companies and also important theme for us.
Of course there are many different angles to look at ESGs and there are so many different numbers to comply with. We care about those numbers from our point of view and are looking at the companies, and then we reflect such a theme to the portfolio.

What are the prospects for Japanese equity markets within the “Reiwa” era?

The U.S. and China trade dispute is a headache for the global market. Therefore, in the short term the Japanese market will face difficulties.

The Japanese are now celebrating a new era called “Reiwa”. “Reiwa” means celebrating new growth under that new generation. In the “Reiwa” era, there will be new generations. Younger generations have lots of ability to grow. Therefore we expect much higher growth in Japanese companies in the future, based on the new era and the new generations’ people.

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