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Eric Sturdza Investments is proud to have worked with the Tumaini Fund in 2018, a charity which seeks to provide support to orphans in remote regions of Tanzania.

17 Dec 2018

Eric Sturdza Investments is proud to have worked with the Tumaini Fund in 2018, a charity which seeks to provide support to orphans in remote regions of Tanzania.

The Tumaini FundThe Tumaini Fund was founded in January 2003 by Susan Wilson, a local Guernsey doctor who worked in Kagera in 2001 and was horrified at the lack of hope for the 200,000 AIDS orphans in the remote and desperately poor northwestern region of Tanzania.

The Charity today supports 25,000 orphans and has dug 100 clean-water wells; as well as providing educational support from nursery to university level. As a result of the Charity’s efforts, they are currently supporting 8,000 children in secondary school and have 200 at university.

The Charity also runs five tailoring schools for orphans who do not pass their exams to go on to secondary school. In their second year of training, they make (amongst other items) a large number of Primary school uniforms for younger orphans, as well as running five carpentry schools.

Both of the vocational training facilities enable the orphans to develop income-generating skills, providing a decent living, which they could not have earned from the grinding poverty of subsistence farming.

The above is simply a sample of the work that the Charity performs which also includes:

  • Provision of education around HIV awareness, arranging HIV testing for families in remote communities and providing bus fares for HIV sufferers in these areas to travel to medical appointments once a month for HIV treatment and check-ups.
  • Distributing clothes, school uniforms, books, pens, pencils and mosquito nets to orphans.
  • Building 100s of houses for destitute families.
  • Promoting micro finance projects, village savings and loan schemes.
  • Selling handmade crafts produced by widows from the region.
  • Support gardens, fishponds and beekeeping.
  • Distributing female hygiene kits to students.
  • Provision of solar lamps to help students study at night and bicycles to travel the long distances to secondary school.
  • The building of a Primary School at Kabalekela from the ground up. The pupils there, previously illiterate and innumerate, are getting some of the best results in their district.
  • Rebuilding a classroom when destroyed by a hand-grenade and covering the medical bills of the survivors.
  • Establishment of a latrine project in Kabanga’s Secondary School.
  • Distributed corn to keep villagers alive and seed corn for them to plant during two famines.
  • Establishment of two large irrigation schemes.

As a result of the donation made by Eric Sturdza Investments, the Tumaini Fund was able to build two new clean water wells during the year, providing approximately 1,000 people with access to safe drinking water.

“Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of life from El Sturdza to the children and villagers of Kagera, by sponsoring two clean water wells that were completed in Tanzania in 2018. In Kagera 12 children out of every 100 do not make it to one year old, but instead die of diarrheal illnesses due to bad water. These villages had terrible water sources until the generosity of El Sturdza changed their lives and saved their children’s lives.
‘Asante sana’ (thank you so much) El Sturdza.”

Dr Susan Wilson MBE, Founder of The Tumaini Fund

The below photographs show the positive impact that the Tumaini Fund’s project has had within these remote regions of the country. The photograph on the left shows the water source the villagers previously used to collect water from for their daily needs; the right picture shows the well that the Charity has been able to construct in 2018 as a result of Eric Sturdza Investment’s support.

Ntukamazina sub village well. Nyakisasa ward, Kashinga village. Population: 447.

Nampigwe sub village well. Nyakisasa ward, Kashinga village. Population: 567.

We are delighted to have been able to provide support to such a wonderful charity, as such EI Sturdza has decided once again to support the Tumaini Fund in 2019, with the aim to build a further two or three wells, bringing safe and clean water to the people of Tanzania.

Further information regarding the Tumaini Fund can be found at www.tumainifund.org.uk.

Guernsey Cheshire Home

In addition, EI Sturdza has elected to make a donation to the Guernsey Cheshire Home in 2019, a local and very deserving charity.

The Guernsey Cheshire Home has one aim: to provide care and opportunity for people with physical disabilities in as close to a family atmosphere as possible. Equally important to the team, is the preservation of dignity and individual independence, providing residents with the absolute right to live a life of their own choosing within a family environment.

The Home is a unique facility in that for more than thirty years it has been providing a high level of care for islanders with physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, stroke and cerebral palsy. It provides a home for people who need constant care and are unable to live in their own home.

Part of EI Sturdza’s initial donation will be utilised in part to purchase a new bed, mattress and pump, which are deemed vital for the Home.

Further information can be found at www.guernseycheshirehome.org.

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