China Equities: Core Investment Themes for Chinese Growth

Lilian Co, portfolio manager of the EI Sturdza Strategic China Panda Fund discusses the Fund's core investment themes in the China equities market over the short and long term.

17 Sep 2018

Lilian Co, portfolio manager of the EI Sturdza Strategic China Panda Fund discusses the Fund’s core investment themes in the China equities market over the short and long term.

Interview recorded 19/06/2018

Lilian comments on the following:
• Fund investment objective, strategy and philosophy.
• Major positive contributors to the Fund in 2017.
• Increased weighting in Chinese Banks.
• China currency: renminbi depreciation/appreciation?
• Significance of consumer discretionary sector.
• Top holdings for the Fund.
• China stock classification – Red Chip, A-Shares and H-Shares.

Topics discussed include:
• Growth at a reasonable price (GARP) investing.
• Investing ideas, mispricing opportunities, earnings surprises.
• Sector allocation: IT, handset component manufacturing, Macau gaming and auto sector.
• Outperforming the index in 2017.
• Major positive contributors to the Fund: Sunny Optical and AAC Technologies.
• Fund Weighting: China Properties, Chinese Banks.
• Trade dispute between China and the U.S.
• Rising affluence and emergence of middle-class income in China.
• Consumption upgrade trend.
• Fund top holding: Bestway Global.
• China stock classification.
• Growth of A-Share stocks.

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