The Sturdza Family Fund: Objective, Philosophy & Risk Management

The team provide insight on the Fund's primary objective and philosophy, market timing, equity & fixed income selection process, volatility and how risk is managed.

The Sturdza Family Fund: Overview of the Team

Eric Sturdza discusses the qualities that the team of the Sturdza Family Fund possess and each member provides an introduction explaining their role within the Fund.

The Sturdza Family Fund: An Introduction

Eric and Constantin Sturdza provide an introduction to the Sturdza Family Fund in this video interview.

Strategic Bond Opportunities Fund: An Overview

Video Interview: Eric Vanraes and Pascal Perrone provide an overview of the Fund's strategy, philosophy, portfolio and approach to risk management.

European Equities: The potential for value creation in the long-term

Bertrand Faure provides an update on the Fund's strategy and insights regarding the market corrections of 2018 and the drivers of strong returns during 2019.

Chinese Equities: Fundamental investing in light of the U.S. and China trade talks

Lilian Co provides an update on the Strategic China Panda Fund and shares her latest insight on the Chinese equity markets.

Asian Equities: Opportunity for Growth in China and Japan

Video Series: Our investment experts provide their outlook for the Chinese and Japanese equity markets and the opportunities that lie within.

China Equities: Core Investment Themes for Chinese Growth

Lilian Co, portfolio manager of the EI Sturdza Strategic China Panda Fund discusses the Fund's core investment themes in the China equities market over the short and long term.

A Bright Future for Japanese Equities

Yutaka Uda, portfolio manager of the Nippon Growth (UCITS) Fund discusses the opportunities available in the Japanese equity market over the short and long term.

Lilian Co on China’s New Economy

Lilian Co, portfolio manager for EI Sturdza’s Strategic China Panda Fund explains why China’s ‘New Economy’, a term she uses to...

Bertrand Faure discusses the Fund’s approach to identifying market leaders

Bertrand Faure, portfolio manager for E.I. Sturdza’s Strategic European Smaller Companies Fund, discusses how small-cap equity markets in Europe have...

Georges Gutmans presents the EI Sturdza Business Brief

In this business brief video, Georges Gutmans, managing director of E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Limited, discusses the opportunities and challenges that affect...