A positive month for China, with hope for more good fortune in 2020

Lilian Co reflects on the positive impacts of December and how these could translate to future market confidence.

2019 proved to be high quality, despite the surprises

Bertrand Faure: 2019 brought many surprises: cyclicals staged a strong comeback and overtook defensives during the second half of the year, boosted by progress in the U.S.-China trade talks; in a complete reversal of 2018’s widespread losses, every sector was up

An extraordinary 2019 with 2020 Outlook clouded, perhaps volatile in the 2nd half

Willem Winke reflects on December and how the events of last year will shape the future.

As two subdue, one emerges

Mitsuhiro Yuasa looks onward as some concerns come to an end, new opportunities emerge.

Large economic stimulus package to contribute to sharp recovery from 1Q 2020

Uda San discusses the breakdown of the Japanese Government's economic stimulus package.

Maintaining Order in Complexity

Willem Winke will maintain a defensive preference as Global political turmoil develops.

Global systemic risks recede in November

Eric Vanares examines the affect of recent macroeconomic changes on US Treasuries.

Continued Equity Upside

Eric Sturdza explore the virtues of a positive outlook and it's impact on the fund's index.

Building Optimism for China-US Trade Deal

Lilian Co looks at the positive reverberations around progress towards a deal.

Strong performance to close out the year

Bertrand Faure explains the Fund's strong performance for November.

Companies search for growth despite uncertain times

Mitsuhiro Yuasa discusses the markets rise during uncertain times.

Earnings and New Highs

Eric Sturdza discusses the contributions and future challenges of the Healthcare sector.