Past repeating… or a new paradigm?

Chris Crawford analyses the current economy and discusses historical indicators of market swings.

Last month of a challenging year – looking ahead

The Sturdza Family Fund team outline the portfolio's structural plans for 2023.

Sources of alpha

Willem Vinke reflects on the top performers for the Fund in December.

Europe in 2023: Resilience pays off in stock picking

Bertrand Faure discusses the fundamental aspects of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that he believes can lead to another year of outperformance in 2023.

Back to the future?

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza discuss the potential sources of growth and the outlook for 2023.

New BoJ Governor to trigger Yen’s strength

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda reflect on the Japanese economy over recent months and discuss expectations for 2023.

2023 drivers: resilience and productivity

Cyril Bertrand and Ludovic Labal discuss the portfolio holdings and their expectations for 2023.

Property resurgence in China

Lilian Co discusses the Chinese market recovery and the new policies that should positively impact the Property sector.

An 80-20 strategy in 2023

Eric Vanraes reflects on the bond markets and outlines a new philosophy for 2023.

Strong resilience in a challenging environment

Bertrand Faure reflects on the characteristics of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that have led to a 13% outperformance of the benchmark in 2022.

Mild inflation should benefit Japan

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda look at how the World Cup and other events have supported the Japanese market.

Inflation or recession? Or both together?

Eric Vanraes discusses the actions of the Fed and plans the strategy to compliment their moves.