EI Sturdza launches Strategic Beta Flex Fund

EI Sturdza Investment Funds (“EI Sturdza”) announces the launch of the EI Sturdza Strategic Beta Flex Fund (“the Fund”) which invests in a globally diversified portfolio of equity funds and reduces volatility by partially or fully hedging the underlying market exposure.

17 Jan 2017

EI Sturdza Investment Funds (“EI Sturdza”) announces the launch of the EI Sturdza Strategic Beta Flex Fund (“the Fund”) which invests in a globally diversified portfolio of equity funds and reduces volatility by partially or fully hedging the underlying market exposure.

Portfolio managers need to be able to adapt tactically to changing conditions, maximising returns while focusing on protecting the risk premium by reducing exposure to the market when needed. The current “lower for longer” rates environment and geo-political uncertainty are among the factors that limit the traditional role of fixed income to create consistent returns.

The Fund’s investment process emulates the risk-return profile of quality fixed income, aiming to deliver these returns to investors. A unique attribute of the Fund is the use of proprietary sentiment indicators which inform the investment team of market sentiment and risk exposure.

The daily dealing, Dublin domiciled, UCITS V investment portfolio is managed by Paolo Marongiu (portfolio manager) and Daniele Bevacqua (strategist), supported by analysts Giorgio Mastropietro and Leonardo Sinelli of Sofia.

The portfolio team selects fund managers who have a proven track record of delivering alpha then actively manage the Fund’s net exposure (in the range of 0-50%) based on their views of prevailing market conditions to reduce the portfolio’s overall volatility. When equity markets offer an attractive risk premium the net long exposure will be raised. Each time the team modifies the net long position of the portfolio, a stop loss is put in place in order to control the risk both in terms of the equity and hedge exposure.

L Georges Gutmans, Executive Chairman, EI Sturdza Investment Funds, says: “Investors have been very clear about their concerns around low interest rates and geo-political impact on markets. Our new intelligent, actively managed, smart beta investment fund responds to their concerns and will harness fixed income like returns from equity markets within a liquid investment vehicle.”

Paolo Marongiu, Portfolio Manager, EI Sturdza Strategic Beta Flex Fund, said: “Today’s markets continue to challenge investors – volatility is high, and uncertainty has been at the forefront of every investor’s mind. Around every corner there is potentially a new event that has the possibility to wipe value off a market. Our approach looks to retain positive returns, and protect from volatility through rigorous risk management.”


EI Sturdza is a fast growing, independent investment fund company with a proven track record of offering high conviction, award winning strategies to institutional and private clients globally.

A key part of their business philosophy is to select the most talented and successful investment professionals and allow them to focus on investment opportunities in which they have a high level of expertise and experience. Their fund offering includes single country or regional long-only UCITS strategies that have a successful track record of investing in markets across the developed and emerging world.

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