Another award for the Sturdza Family Fund – Rating by FundsPeople

Having reached its third anniversary in December 2021 the Sturdza Family Fund and the investment team became eligible for consideration by a number of the industry’s independent rating agencies.

Fund Commentary
28 Jun 2022

Having reached its third anniversary in December 2021 the Sturdza Family Fund and the investment team became eligible for consideration by a number of the industry’s independent rating agencies.

To date, the Fund has received 4-star and 5-star Morningstar ratings (depending on the share class); a 5-Globe ‘High’ Morningstar Sustainability Rating (putting the Fund in the top 10% of all Funds within its peer group) and three of the investment team have been rated by Citywire. These all speak to the quality of the management of the Fund, particularly from a risk-adjusted perspective.

We are pleased to advise that the Fund has received further recognition, from FundsPeople. FundsPeople have classified the Sturdza Family Fund as one of their ‘Distinguished Investment Products of the Year’ within their 2022 Fund ratings in Italy and Spain.

The Sturdza Family Fund has been recognised for the consistency of the returns, with reference to volatility versus its Morningstar-defined peer group. Additional information regarding FundsPeople’s assessment methodology is provided below.

About the Sturdza Family Fund

The Fund was launched to capitalise on Eric Sturdza’s long-term approach to investing, with a focus on high growth and stable companies, whilst seeking to reduce volatility through a diversified flexible allocation portfolio. The Fund is an important component in the Sturdza Family’s own wealth management strategy.

Accordingly, the team is composed of experienced and complementary managers and advisers, with diverse backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of their respective asset classes, to support the delivery of the investment objective over the long term.

Today the team consists of seven individuals, including Eric and Constantin Sturdza. Through this Fund, we seek to give long-term investors the opportunity to invest alongside the Sturdza family ensuring a true alignment of interests.

Commenting on the recognition from FundsPeople, Constantin Sturdza said:

Constantin Sturdza

Constantin Sturdza

“We are delighted that the Sturdza Family Fund has been recognised by FundsPeople for the risk-adjusted returns that have been achieved since inception in 2018. The macro environment has been volatile and unpredictable at times; however, we as a team are proud that the strategy has achieved our objective, based on long-term principles, with a focus on value creation. We are continuously looking at ways to enhance our approach and adapt to the investment environment we face, with the aim of ensuring we continue to serve our clients in a unique way and in doing so maintain a total and relatively unparalleled alignment of interest as cornerstone investors ourselves.”

The FundsPeople Rating Methodology

For seven years, FundsPeople has been evaluating funds based on three criteria to identify the products, in each market, that have demonstrated consistent results compared to their peer group, and are considered to be among the best bets according to fund selectors or have a significant heritage in the specific market. FundsPeople believes that a fund that meets at least one of these criteria is worthy of recognition in the so-called FundsPeople Ratings.

As noted the Sturdza Family Fund was selected based on the consistency of the risk-adjusted returns. These are analysed by the team at FundsPeople utilising their own quantitative model which identifies the most consistent funds within each category (Morningstar Category).

The initial stage of the process considers the entire universe of funds available for sale in the relevant market, with profitability data for more than three years at the end of the relevant calendar year (2021 in this instance). Only the oldest share class that is available for sale in the market under consideration is utilised in this regard.

The focus of the team at FundsPeople is to identify how each fund has behaved based on two variables: profitability and volatility, in base currency terms. They compare each fund within the peer group using two scorecards.

The first considers cumulative profitability and volatility data over three and five years; whilst the second considers these metrics over the last five calendar years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021). In both cases, profitability and volatility are weighted 65% / 35% respectively. Each scorecard ranks the funds within the peer group, with those within the first quintile receiving a rating.

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