Unexpectedly, more of the same

The Sturdza Family Fund team discuss market challenges, central bank tightening, regional divergences, and long-term opportunities in defensive, well-valued companies.

The spring wage negotiation is coming!

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda look ahead to the April wage negotiation which could spark Japan’s next growth stage

China’s market fluctuates amid inflation fears

Lilian Co discusses the fluctuation of China's stock market, the recovery of the property market, and the impact of e-commerce competition.

Cautious outlook amid uncertainty

William Vinke analyses February's market, citing geopolitical tensions, monetary policies, and mixed performance, leading to a cautious outlook.

The broader implications of SVB

Chris Crawford looks at current market conditions, the like of which most modern-day risk managers have not experienced before

What will the Fed do next?

Eric Vanraes looks at how the Fed is likely to respond to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

A healthy dose of positive economic news

Bertrand Faure summarises as equity markets continue steady rise in February, driven by improved economic data and corporate earnings.

Not so quick…

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza discusses the stalling of financial markets as inflation concerns reignite and the Russian-Ukraine war drags on.

An optimism and corrections rally?

Willem Vinke and Louis Rieu analyse the January rally and present their expectations for 2023.

Japan is entering a new growth stage

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda discuss the upcoming sources of growth for the Japanese economy.

Strong recovery for China

Lilian Co reflects on the positive indicators for growth and the beginning of China’s recovery.

The return of stability?

Cyril Bertrand and Ludovic Labal reflect on the vigorous start to 2023, with the Fund returning over 9% in January.