SEQF performance review – January 2022

Ludovic Labal and Cyril Bertrand expand on the Fund’s performance through January given the recent market rotation.

Further recognition for the Sturdza Family Fund

Eric and Constantin Sturdza of the Sturdza Family Fund team have been awarded Citywire A ratings.

Sector shifts on a global front

Willem Vinke delivers an overview of the global markets and expects a shift as a pandemic becomes an endemic.

Regulations, stimulus and sanctions

Lilian Co reflects on the regulatory changes that have shaken the Chinese markets in 2021, both internal and external.

Just the beginning of a paradigm shift

Yutaka Uda discusses the positive change in outlook for Japanese equities.

An inflection point? Getting closer but not yet…

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on the factors driving equity and fixed income markets.

The Sturdza Family Fund comes of age and receives performance and ESG recognition from Morningstar

Morningstar has awarded the Sturdza Family Fund a 4-Star Rating and a 5-Globe Sustainability Rating.

Japan bolstered by tech demand

Mitsuhiro Yuasa expands on the opportunities in Digital Transformation and New Energy Vehicles.

Laying foundations for future growth

Ludovic Labal and Cyril Bertrand reflect on the macroeconomic environment and review the stocks that have contributed to performance.

Omicron and the hawks

Eric Vanraes discusses the outlook and strategy for Q1 2022.

At the same time

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza present their expectations for Q1 2022.

Formula 1 and bond management

Eric Vanraes explores the analogy between Formula 1 and credit bond management in relation to risk management.