Will the government’s aggressive response be the turning point?

Lilian Co discusses the results of the Party Congress re-election and the effects of a COVID resurgence.

Growth driver to shift from IT to Infrastructure

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda present evidence of good indicators for the Japanese markets.

Waiting for the FOMC and the Midterms

Eric Vanraes discusses the strategies to stay ahead of the actions of central banks.

Seizing new opportunities

Cyril Bertrand and Ludovic Labal analyse the stocks that have contributed to October's gains.

An equity rebound, but no real macro progress

The Sturdza Family Fund team explore the factors creating market swings.

Another month, another ambience…

Bertrand Faure examines the October rebound and surmises what this may mean for European equities.

Introducing the Strategic Long Short Fund – A differentiated approach to long / short equity investing

A long-short equity fund with a North American bias, which seeks to achieve long-term capital growth, providing investors compelling upside capture with downside protection.

Eric Sturdza Investments launches the Strategic Long Short Fund

Eric Sturdza Investments has partnered with Boston-based Crawford Fund Management to launch a long-short equity fund that benefits from a unique combination of fundamental equity and options analysis.

Entering Q4 on a volatile note

The Sturdza Family Fund team outline their plans to prosper throughout the upcoming volatility.

Valuations are becoming attractive

Willem Vinke reflects on the strategies of central banks and ensuing prospects.

Internal controls – external sanctions

Lilian Co describes the latest changes to Chinese markets and provides her expectations for the 20th Communist Party Congress.

Inbound spending should have a powerful impact on the market

Yutaka Uda and Maiko Uda explore new sources of potential growth in Japan as the borders finally open up.