Only transitory? Look at real yields!

Eric Vanraes explores the latest shakeups in the US, Europe and China, focusing on their influence over fixed income markets.

Lorsque le brouillard se dissipe

Bertrand Faure souligne les opportunités qui se concrétisent après un mois de septembre marqué par la volatilité.

A reverse taper tantrum?

Eric Vanraes describes the current fixed income environment and the continuing wait for the Fed to make a decision on tapering.

Riding high on the wave

Bertrand Faure revient sur les événements macro et sur les titres qui ont contribué à la performance en août.

Long bonds send a message

Eric Vanraes explores the changes in the economic environment and how these could impact the future of inflation and growth.

Individuals capitalise on market undervaluation

Bertrand Faure discusses the stocks that have contributed to the continuing success of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund, which is up 23% YTD.

The Fed is cautiously hawkish

Eric Vanraes explores fixed income instruments and how the future looks for the US in credit and employment.

Bullish outlook proves accurate

Bertrand Faure reflects on the first half of 2021, detailing the investments that have contributed to the +16.86% YTD performance.

In-depth due diligence, a basic requirement for long term sustainability

Brenda Petsche, Managing Director, reiterates our business model and due diligence processes, in light of the practices recently adopted by other Investment Managers.