Underpriced stocks prevail – thank you pessimists!

Cyril Bertrand and Ludovic Labal describe the strategy and rationale behind their stock picking process, supported by a strong July performance.

Sentiment swing… or seesaw?

Bertrand Faure shares his insights into investor sentiment through the July rally.

Fed funds at 2.5%, inflation reaches 9.1%

Eric Vanraes picks apart the latest news from Central Banks as they work to tackle inflation.

An optimistic market hopes the worst is behind us

The Sturdza Family Fund team decipher the messages from central banks amid a positive earnings season.

Risques sur les Marges – Favoriser la Qualité

L’équipe du Sturdza Family Fund détaille les conditions macroéconomiques actuelles et en déduit la suite à venir

Positive shocks

Lilian Co describes the steady stream of events that have received encouraging market reactions.

Recession and fragmentation

Eric Vanraes shares his analysis of the fixed income markets and the challenges central banks face balancing inflation and growth.

First the price actions, then the fundamentals

Yutaka Uda discusses the Bank of Japan’s forecast on economic growth following a mixed Q2.

Rich pickings

Bertrand Faure discusses his strategy and the prosperous opportunities that lay ahead.

Varying focus of concern

Willem Vinke discusses the macro conditions that continue to influence global markets.

Stock deratings provide compelling opportunities

Ludovic Labal and Cyril Bertrand discuss the market volatility and the opportunities this has presented.

Sense and sensitivity

Willem Vinke explores the macro environment and lessons learnt from history.