Empowerment through education

We have long subscribed to the notion that true empowerment comes through education, increasing an individual’s options and choices, but also allowing them to positively contribute to the wider communities in which they live.

21 Déc 2022

We have long subscribed to the notion that true empowerment comes through education, increasing an individual’s options and choices, but also allowing them to positively contribute to the wider communities in which they live.

In light of this belief, we have been delighted to have had the opportunity to support the fantastic efforts of The Tumaini Fund (‘Fund’) since late 2017 through our charitable giving program. Over the past 6 years, we have provided the funding to support the provision of basic needs that are fundamental to an individual’s ability to survive, grow and thrive in the remote regions of Tanzania.

The Tumaini FundThe Tumaini Fund through its Orphan Support Program has been active in Tanzania with the goal of improving the well-being of the orphans in the region of Kagera, and the families that care for them. Most of the orphans are cared for by family members, however, many of these families are living in poverty, with no access to adequate food, health care, safe drinking water, clothing or education.

The Fund’s program is vast in its breadth and ambitions, seeking to provide support with regard to essentials such as food, health care, education, water, clothes, shoes, shelter (bedding & construction of houses), psychosocial support and economic self-sufficiency. Currently, the Fund employs 51 staff, nine Volunteers and 391 Ward Representatives.

With regards to the Fund’s educational program, the primary objective is to improve the academic performance of vulnerable students (orphans), the vision and mission being:

Vision: Socio-economic empowerment of the orphans of Tanzania.
Mission: To support and serve orphans regardless of their faith.

The Tumaini Fund currently provides educational support to 100,083 orphans, supporting 50,083 in education across the spectrum, from primary school through to the university level. Educational support takes many forms, including school fees, uniforms, books and other supplies such as laptops to support university students.

The Tumaini FundEric Sturdza Investments are delighted to have the opportunity to support the efforts of The Tumaini Fund and the people in the region to gain access to clean drinking water and education. These are basics that many in the developed world take for granted, however, they are not guaranteed globally.

As part of our 2022 charitable giving programme, and in light of The Tumaini Fund’s outstanding efforts, we have elected to once again support their educational program, providing the funding for 500 secondary school starter packs, taking our educational support to orphans in the region to 1,800.

We would encourage readers to visit The Tumaini Fund’s website to learn more about their work. Further information about the impact our donations have had can be seen below.

Dr Susan Wilson - The Tumaini Fund

Dr Susan Wilson
Founder: The Tumaini Fund

Update on the Charity’s work provided by Dr Wilson:

We today support over 100,000 orphans in the Kagera Region of Tanzania, a Region in the far North-West, bordering Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Lake Victoria. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the Kagera Region is the furthest away from the centre of finance, Dar es Salaam, which is located in the South East of the country.

In Kagera, which is the size of Northern Ireland, most (>90%) people are subsistence farmers who may only earn £150 each year from their farming activities. The region has been severely impacted by an AIDS epidemic which occurred after the Civil Wars in Rwanda and Burundi when fleeing soldiers raped women and girls and the HIV rate jumped from 2.8% to 28%. It is very hard to be an orphan in an area suffering from such poverty and with severely limited resources.

The Tumaini Fund

The Tumaini Fund has been working with orphans and their families in this area since 2003, and as we approach the end of 2022 we are caring for in excess of 100,000 orphans.

In Tanzania, leaving school without a Form 4 Secondary School leaving certificate means there is limited to no prospect for further education or work.

As such we are desperately trying to enable our primary schoolers to make the transition to secondary education and ultimately successfully complete their education and pass the Form 4 examinations.

Each of our secondary schoolers – needs to start school with 10 hard-backed exercise books called « daftari ». They are specified by the government. Each student requires 10 books for the year ahead and is not allowed to continue unless they have these – they are the key to another year of education.

As well as this we check that they have a decent school uniform and shoes, and provide a bicycle if needed for a long journey to school and a solar lamp to enable them to study at home – these items are subject to availability of funds.

In 2022 we have been supporting more than 100,000 orphans. 18,900 of them in Secondary School up to GCSE level, and it is those and the 250 A-level students that the generous gift from 2021 from Eric Sturdza Investment impacted.

The following tables provide insight into the number of students supported in each region of Tanzania and the number of books supplied in support of the children’s educational journey:



No. of Primary school pupils No. of Ordinary-level students No. of
No. of
Vocational Training (VTC) students
No. of
Normal college students
No. of University students
Muleba including Bukoba DC, Missenyi, Bukoba rural 4,798 6,413 81 46 123 98
Karagwe 4,352 2937 34 28 48 23
Ngara 6,900 3,758 70 30 100 89
Chato 3,685 2,937 34 26 48 23
Biharamulo 10,463 2,855 31 21 25 7
Total 30,198 18,900 250 151 344 240

Number of exercise books


of  pens


of pencils

No. of school uniforms distributed No. of students we paid school fees
Primary school
Secondary school students A-level College students University students
176,160 78,100 102,300 6,220 726 629 574 380

As we’ve stated in previous communications regarding our work with the Tumaini Fund, we fundamentally believe in the empowerment that education provides and as such are delighted to have the opportunity to continue our support of their invaluable work for the benefit of the orphans of Tanzania.

Commenting on our continuing support of the Tumaini Fund’s efforts Dr Wilson comments;

“The Tumaini Fund gratefully acknowledges receiving £5,000 from Eric Sturdza Investments at the end of 2022. Those funds were used to provide exercise books for Tumaini secondary school students. Each pack cost £10 and as such Eric Sturdza Investments and its clients gave 500 children the chance of a new life through their 2022 donation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to support the efforts of The Tumaini Fund since late 2017, who with our direct support has:

The Tumaini Fund

We would encourage readers to visit The Tumaini Fund’s website to learn more about their work, whilst further information regarding the impact that our donations have had, can be viewed via the below links:


The Tumaini Fund

The Tumaini Fund was founded in January 2003 by Dr Susan Wilson, a local Guernsey doctor who worked in Kagera in 2001 and was horrified by the lack of hope for the 100,000 AIDS orphans in the remote and desperately poor northwestern region of Tanzania.

For further information on our commitment to charitable giving, please do not hesitate to contact Adam or visit Our ESG Approach section.

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