Webinar: The benefit of volatility for fundamental investing

Bertrand Faure provides insights into his investing style and differentiated portfolio in this webinar hosted by allocator.

A different rate cycle can provide opportunities – Sturdza Family Fund webinar

The Sturdza Family Fund team discuss how they have managed their global flexible allocation portfolio through a challenging 2021 and why they believe that being selective and disciplined will be key to success in the year ahead.

Phileas’ Approche ESG

Ludovic Labal et Cyril Bertrand discutent de l’approche ESG de l’équipe.

Phileas – Processus d’Investissement

Ludovic Labal et Cyril Bertrand donnent un aperçu de l’approche d’investissement de Phileas, axée sur les actions européennes de qualité.

Présentation Phileas Asset Management

Ludovic Labal et Cyril Bertrand donnent un aperçu de Phileas Asset Management et de leur équipe.

China – sustained economic growth?

Lilian Co is optimistic that China will show sustained economic growth over the long term.

Long-term investing amid an economic recovery and sector rotations

The team from the Sturdza Family Fund provide an update regarding equity and fixed income market developments in 2021 and their market outlook.

Market polarisation provides amazing investment opportunities

Bertrand Faure shares his views on the current market conditions and the opportunities within a polarised European equity market.

A bright future for most bonds… but not all!

Eric Vanraes provides insight on his assessment of the major influencers of fixed income markets today and how he reflects these in his three step investment process.

Fundamental trading throughout the Pandemic

Bertrand Faure provides his views on “the most hated rally in history”, in which stock markets climbed in the midst of a devastating health and economic crisis.

The Sturdza Family Fund: A portfolio built to weather extreme scenarios

Constantin Sturdza provides an overview of the Sturdza Family Fund and how it has performed during these unprecedented times.

2015 outlook for Europe

Portfolio manager Willem Vinke provides his 2015 outlook for Europe via webcast.