A European equity portfolio that can thrive over the long term. The Strategic European Silver Stars Fund

The Strategic European Silver Stars Fund aims to add value despite challenging market conditions, looking beyond the usual investment opportunities in European equities to build a differentiated portfolio that can perform over the long term.

The pillars of our investment philosophy are ‘High Conviction and Concentration’ and ‘Discipline and Prudence’. These pillars shape the way we invest. Our investment team applies a fundamental research process, often analysing companies for years before they invest in them.

We seek out lesser-known and unique investment ideas, deploying capital in companies that have resilient business models and significant cash flow generation capabilities. As a result of this approach, we have managed to successfully navigate the challenging investment environment in 2020 and have delivered a consistently strong performance.

Since inception in May 2015, the Fund has returned 57%, significantly outperforming its benchmark by 42%. This strong absolute and relative performance translates into an annualised return of 8.5%, compared with 2.6% for the benchmark over more than 5 years.*

“We have always prided ourselves on finding lesser-known investment ideas via a detailed fundamental research process, searching beyond the familiar paths and themes to build a differentiated portfolio that can thrive over the long term, surviving even the harshest market environments.”

Bertrand Faure
Portfolio Manager

*Performance as at 30th November 2020, figures provided by EISSML. Individual performance of the Fund may vary and historical data is not an indication of future results.


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