An optimistic market hopes the worst is behind us

The Sturdza Family Fund team decipher the messages from central banks amid a positive earnings season.

Margin pressures call for „quality“

The Sturdza Family Fund team describe the current macro conditions and their interpretations of what is to follow.

Another award for the Sturdza Family Fund – Rating by FundsPeople

The Sturdza Family Fund is recognised by FundsPeople as one of their 'Distinguished Investment Products of the Year'.

Markets shift focus from Price to Earnings

Find out how the Sturdza Family Fund team are changing the balance of the portfolio to generate gains.

Central banks in a corner amid cyclical pressures from China

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on geopolitical situations and discusses the reactions to company earnings reports.

TINA, inflation and Ukraine

The Sturdza Family Fund team explore the volatility of markets in light of the actions of Central Banks and the conflict in Europe.

Markets and the peace dividend

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on the developments in Europe and the wider implications for central banks.

The Fed reprices financial assets

The Sturdza Family Fund Team reviewed January and the various shocks produced by the Fed’s decisions.

An inflection point? Getting closer but not yet…

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on the factors driving equity and fixed income markets.

Der Sturdza Family Fund wird erwachsen – und erhält von Morningstar Auszeichnungen für Performance und ESG-Kriterien

Morningstar hat dem Sturdza Family Fund ein 4-Sterne-Rating und ein 5-Globe-Nachhaltigkeitsrating verliehen.

2021 Review and 2022 Outlook

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on market developments throughout 2021 and offer insight into the potential areas for growth in 2022.

Here we go again?

The Sturdza Family Fund team discuss the latest developments brought about by the Omicron variant and how the Fund is poised for a market shift.