Summer Heat

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza debate the catalysts that will lead to the market and investor sentiment turnaround.

Another award for the Sturdza Family Fund – Rating by FundsPeople

The Sturdza Family Fund is recognised by FundsPeople as one of their 'Distinguished Investment Products of the Year'.

During War Time

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza explore the reverberations of the developments in Europe through the lenses of the major global economies.

Heading towards a new Cold War?

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza review historic events that have shaken the world and polarised the stock markets - comparing them to the market activity today.

Dry January!

The Team at Banque Eric Sturdza review the first month of 2022 and explore the reasons behind the lack of the “January Effect”.

Der Sturdza Family Fund wird erwachsen – und erhält von Morningstar Auszeichnungen für Performance und ESG-Kriterien

Morningstar hat dem Sturdza Family Fund ein 4-Sterne-Rating und ein 5-Globe-Nachhaltigkeitsrating verliehen.

At the same time

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza present their expectations for Q1 2022.

Déjà vu…

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza reflect on the similarities between the current market conditions and those seen throughout modern history.

The Sturdza Family Fund: Objective, Philosophy & Risk Management

The team provide insight on the Fund's primary objective and philosophy, market timing, equity & fixed income selection process, volatility and how risk is managed.

The Sturdza Family Fund: Overview of the Team

Eric Sturdza discusses the qualities that the team of the Sturdza Family Fund possess and each member provides an introduction explaining their role within the Fund.

The Sturdza Family Fund: An Introduction

Eric and Constantin Sturdza provide an introduction to the Sturdza Family Fund in this video interview.

Artikel ‚Aktive Vermögensverwaltung‘ von allnews

Marc Craquelin & Constantin Sturdza discuss the possible long-term “protection” of the Sturdza Family Fund strategy in extreme scenarios.