Sources of alpha

Willem Vinke reflects on the top performers for the Fund in December.

Europe in 2023: Resilience pays off in stock picking

Bertrand Faure discusses the fundamental aspects of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that he believes can lead to another year of outperformance in 2023.

An 80-20 strategy in 2023

Eric Vanraes reflects on the bond markets and outlines a new philosophy for 2023.

Strong resilience in a challenging environment

Bertrand Faure reflects on the characteristics of the Strategic European Silver Stars Fund that have led to a 13% outperformance of the benchmark in 2022.

Inflation or recession? Or both together?

Eric Vanraes discusses the actions of the Fed and plans the strategy to compliment their moves.

Market recovery dependant on central banks

Willem Vinke discusses the recovery of the market in relation to the actions of central banks.

Growing positive trend

Bertrand Faure discusses the continuance of a bull market in which European equities can excel.

Environment continues to evolve rapidly

Willem Vinke discusses the reasons behind the market bounce and the life of the interest rate cycle.

Waiting for the FOMC and the Midterms

Eric Vanraes discusses the strategies to stay ahead of the actions of central banks.

Another month, another ambience…

Bertrand Faure examines the October rebound and surmises what this may mean for European equities.

Valuations are becoming attractive

Willem Vinke reflects on the strategies of central banks and ensuing prospects.

+75 bp is the new normal

Eric Vanraes examines the latest from the front line in the fight against inflation.