Last month of a challenging year – looking ahead

The Sturdza Family Fund team outline the portfolio's structural plans for 2023.

Back to the future?

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza discuss the potential sources of growth and the outlook for 2023.

An 80-20 strategy in 2023

Eric Vanraes reflects on the bond markets and outlines a new philosophy for 2023.

Inflation or recession? Or both together?

Eric Vanraes discusses the actions of the Fed and plans the strategy to compliment their moves.

Inflation enthusiasm

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on the November rally and the search for opportunities to upgrade the quality of the portfolio.

We make time for each other

Banque Eric Sturdza's CEO Michaela Zanello Sturdza discusses the diversification of the Eric Sturdza Group's activities with Nicolette de Joncaire of

When inflation comes down…

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza reflect on a busy November and discuss more diverse opportunities as we head towards a new year,

History does not repeat itself but it rhymes

The team at Banque Eric Sturdza discuss macro political plays and implications for the wider economic landscape.

Waiting for the FOMC and the Midterms

Eric Vanraes discusses the strategies to stay ahead of the actions of central banks.

An equity rebound, but no real macro progress

The Sturdza Family Fund team explore the factors creating market swings.

Entering Q4 on a volatile note

The Sturdza Family Fund team outline their plans to prosper throughout the upcoming volatility.

+75 bp is the new normal

Eric Vanraes examines the latest from the front line in the fight against inflation.