Sense and sensitivity

Willem Vinke explores the macro environment and lessons learnt from history.

The BoJ should be forced to change its stance

Yutaka Uda shares his vision on the future prospects for Japanese Equities.

Stimulus plans for China

Lilian Co considers the Chinese economy in H2 and how stimulus measures will support the market.

Japanese business adapts to new consumer behaviour

Discover how Mitsuhiro Yuasa is picking stocks that are well positioned to maximise on the shift in consumer habits.

Timing of the rebound

Ludovic Labal and Cyril Bertrand review the portfolio holdings and share their thoughts regarding forthcoming sources of growth.

+75bp, the Fed did it!

Learn more about the Fed’s plans and future expectations from Eric Vanraes.

Markets shift focus from Price to Earnings

Find out how the Sturdza Family Fund team are changing the balance of the portfolio to generate gains.

Avoiding the European equities whirlpool

Discover the theory behind Bertrand Faure's stock picks that may thrive in the cyclical and ever tightening macro environment.

Aggressive supporting measures in China

Lilian Co discusses the policy changes made in China to support the economy while Omicron comes under control.

Mixed month ends with Golden Week

Mitsuhiro Yuasa describes the coming opportunities for Japan as they look to open borders.

The reversal of the Yen could trigger a market rally

Yutaka Uda discusses the strengthening export conditions for Japan… and the long term implications.

Central banks in a corner amid cyclical pressures from China

The Sturdza Family Fund team reflect on geopolitical situations and discusses the reactions to company earnings reports.