Speed to Market

Accessing Eric Sturdza Investments’ UCITS platform allows managers to bring funds to market efficiently or quickly, utilising established relationships with top rated service providers such as SS&C as Fund Administrator and Transfer Agent; BNY Mellon as Depositary and Custodian; KPMG as Auditor; Dillon Eustace as Irish Legal Adviser and Arendt & Medernach as Luxembourg Legal Adviser.

Eric Sturdza Investments has extensive structuring experience of UCITS products and assumes responsibility for the drafting of all regulatory documentation (prospectus, KIIDs, Annual and Interim Reports), liaison with legal advisers, regulatory authorities and all associated filings, alleviating the burden from the managers with whom we work from time consuming tasks associated with the launch of a UCITS compliant structure.

In addition to the speed and ease with which Eric Sturdza Investments can assist managers bring funds to market, managers benefit from lower TER’s compared with the costs associated with establishing an independent UCITS structure. Eric Sturdza Investments has an established network of clients, who have commonly supported us when launching new funds, including support from our parent, Banque Eric Sturdza S.A.

Marketing and Distribution

Further to our Fund structuring capabilities, Eric Sturdza Investments has established a robust and extensive process for the promotion and distribution of UCITS funds. This includes the active promotion of funds via the Company’s websites and social media channels, the preparation of all fund related marketing materials, including presentations, factsheets, monthly commentary reports, Fund RFPs, as well as internal sell side reporting in order to support our sales network. Further Eric Sturdza Investments will create custom reporting to satisfy specific client requests.

In addition to Eric Sturdza Investments’ dedicated sales team, with representatives in key European markets, Eric Sturdza Investments has developed relationships with influential distributors and fund platforms across Europe, increasing our reach and penetration into key regional markets and client demographics. In 2018 alone, Eric Sturdza Investments  received trading via its established investment platform relationships of circa USD 700 million. We continue to expand the number of distributors and platforms with whom we work, providing increased opportunities for asset growth for the funds on our platforms.

Eric Sturdza Investments has established relationships with key consultant databases across Europe ensuring that exhaustive quantitative and qualitative data is available to institutional clients in all key markets. We actively monitor mandate searches as and when announced, ensuring our funds are fully considered when relevant opportunities present themselves, this includes the completion of search specific requests for proposals, attendance at all associated meetings, negotiations with clients and the structuring of segregated mandate structures where required.

Finally Eric Sturdza Investments assumes responsibility for the promotion of funds on its platforms, across various mediums, including social media, print and digital channels, event and sponsorship coordination and the organisation of manager road shows to meet with prospective and existing clients in key regional markets.


Eric Sturdza Investments’ Distribution Network

Eric Sturdza Investments’ distribution network consists of both an internal sales force, which focus on the promotion of our product range in strategic markets, defined as Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the UK, as well as other markets on an opportunistic basis, in addition to an external network of distributors and platforms, expanding our global presence.

Eric Sturdza Investments’ distribution network is constructed in a manner which is consistent with the Company’s overall business model of seeking out exceptional talent and partnering with teams where we have high conviction in their ability to deliver value over the longer term, where we share common views and are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and prospects.

Eric Sturdza Investments’ External Distribution Network

To compliment the sales efforts attributable to Eric Sturdza Investments’ internal distribution network, the Company has also established relationships with key distributors and platforms, with a focus on European counterparties as summarised below:

Distribution Counterparties

Relationships are established with leading distribution partners with a view to extending the Company’s reach into target market demographics and geographies that could not be accessed independently.

Eric Sturdza Investments continues to seek additional partnerships to strategically expand our distribution network with select external distribution partners.


Eric Sturdza Investments recognises that developments within the European fund landscape has lead to the consolidation of data providers and Fund providers, which provide a vital role for market participants, with regards to accessing and trading funds, as such Eric Sturdza Investments’ products are captured within the key platforms supporting our clients and prospects in accessing our funds.