About Us

Our purpose is to establish and manage a range of specialist investment funds and portfolios each designed to exceed investors’ expectations regarding investments in a particular market, asset class or investment type.


Eric Sturdza Investments’ business model is to work with specialist investment advisory firms that we believe are leaders in their field to offer investors access to class leading investment products supported by institutional quality risk management frameworks and controls independent from the portfolio management teams.



An independent investment fund company with a proven track record of offering award-winning strategies to institutional and private clients.

Current AUM - USD

2.8 Billion

as of 31/01/2021

No. of Actively Managed Funds


Offering a range of Equity, Multi-Asset and Fixed Income funds.

Offices located in


The Eric Sturdza Banking group has offices in Geneva, London, Guernsey and Luxembourg

The strength of the company lies in its ability to identify and develop exclusive relationships with world class investment advisors with outstanding track records and award-winning investment strategies.

Eric I. Sturdza

President, Sturdza Banking Group