About Us

Our vision is to become a leading independent asset management company, with a distinctive brand and reputation for exceptional services at all levels. We aim to align our capabilities with the needs of investors today and in the future, providing access to the best investment ideas, within a framework that seeks to achieve better environmental, societal and governance outcomes.

Our overarching mission is to deliver long-term performance and value to our clients, recognising that “value” today encapsulates more than pure economic returns. As such our aspiration as an asset manager is to establish products that provide varying value profiles, from those driven by economic returns to more risk or factor-orientated capabilities.

In order to achieve our vision, we strive to offer superior client-focused investment solutions through portfolio teams and managers that we believe can deliver value to our clients in a risk-conscious manner. The output is a range of products that aim to be best in class. Key to achieving this objective is our ability to foster and develop relationships with such individuals and teams, seeking those that not only stand out from the crowd in terms of their performance track record but also those that act with independence and share an alignment with the Eric Sturdza Group’s ethos and ambitions.

We believe managing wealth is not a business, it is a profession. We grow as the reward for a craft that we perform with integrity, expertise and passion. Accordingly, as a business, we believe that it is essential that we meet the highest ethical and professional standards in all that we do.

We are mindful of the global issues that we face today and our obligation to take whatever action we can to address these. As an asset manager, we believe we have the opportunity to actively contribute through the investment decisions we make, allocating money to those companies that are able to demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, or those that are actively in the process of integrating ESG considerations into their operations.

As a business we recognize the value of our team, fundamentally believing that our collective success is driven primarily by the people we work with. As such we seek to work with specialist investment advisory firms that we believe are leaders in their field to offer investors access to class-leading investment products supported by institutional quality risk management frameworks and controls independent from the portfolio management teams.



An investment investment management business with a proven track record of offering award-winning strategies to institutional and private clients.

Current AUM - USD

1.3 Billion

as of 31.01.2023

No. of Actively Managed Funds


Offering a range of Equity, Multi-Asset and Fixed Income funds.



The Eric Sturdza Group has offices in Geneva, London, Guernsey and Luxembourg

The strength of the company lies in its ability to identify and develop exclusive relationships with world class investment advisors with outstanding track records and award-winning investment strategies.

Eric I. Sturdza

President, Sturdza Banking Group

The quality of our Team and the Independent Portfolio Managers with whom we work has recently been recognised with Eric Sturdza Investments being named the 'UK’s Best Boutique Fund Manager' in CFI’s Asset Management Awards, and two of our UCITS funds being recognised as 'Top Performers' in the 2021 Investors Choice Awards.

Andy Fish

Managing Director

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are very important to all of us at Eric Sturdza Investments and we are pleased to confirm all of our UCITS funds have been designated as Article 8 funds under the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Adam Turberville